90th Anniversary Collection

Travelling across nine decades: ninety years of history reflected in a handbag and in its flaps.

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The age of Charleston and of Art Déco, as romantic as "The Great Gatsby" by Francis Scott Fitzgerald. The Twenties of Josephine Baker and Art Déco - the age that gave birth to what we now consider modernity.

1930S JAZZ

The Jazz Age, the decade of glamour.
The flap is made of tortoiseshell PVC with ivory colored mink fur, the inscription "30" laser-etched in white on the black tab.


The crazed rhythm of Swing and the frenzied joy of music and dance.

The flap of the Forties handbag is printed with a petal and ruby check, the number "40" printed on leather ruffles and a bow, evocative of that decade's pin-up girls.


The age of rock'n'roll, Elvis and the "greaser" gangs, illuminated by the omnipresent jukebox lights.

The flap is pink, turquoise and onyx with embossed colored parts, the number "50" in light gold, the tab iridescent.

1960S BEAT

The flap is like a turntable resting on a desaturated Union Jack flag. Onyx black on the printed base, a long stud in place of the volume knob, the number "1960" smack in the center, where a vinyl LP's label would be.


The age of the disco revolution, the decade of glitter and the absolute freedom of a new underground culture.

Glitter fabric, the flat sails and mirrors of Disco Ball hanging from the nightclubs' ceilings, reflecting the light of a future that seemed stranger and more exciting than science fiction.

1980S PUNK

Long live Punk, and New Wave. Fashion as provocation. These are the years, for Furla's journey, of the heart-shaped flap fastened with safety pins, studs and a denim tongue: and a bold, unabashed "Furla 80" printed on the flap.


The Age of Hip-Hop, of rappers, "gangsta" style and "bling-bling", the luxury of excess.
The Nineties flap is made of suede, with an onyx and orange rubberized thermo-adhesive strip.


Furla's time travel ends in the "Aughts": the decade of technology, the dawn of the new Millennium. The silver laminate lined with a folding plate, just like a robot's; the screw-shaped rivets, the shimmering rhinestones: a world expanded and flattened and interconnected by technology, our digital present so unthinkable back in the Twenties when the Furla journey began.